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Oct 31, 2020

Fitnastic presents 'Podcast on Breast cancer' (Part 3)


Speaker: Dr. Naina Agarwal (@nansyi_ish) MBBS (Gold medalist), MS (General surgery), MRCS-A (UK)

Host: Mr. Rishi Nagar (@rishi.nagar__ ) (Founder, Fitnastic)

Third video addressees the question: Which are the different diagnostic procedures for breast cancer?

Check it out, what doctor wants to share it with you.

All of you know that October is the Breast Cancer awareness month.
Here we discuss with you some important procedures or diagnostic tools to be used or followed for breast cancer.

Diagnostic procedures for breast cancer -
✔️ Ultrasonography -
Ultrasound may be used to determine whether a new breast lump is a solid mass or a fluid-filled cyst.
✔️ MRI -
An MRI machine uses a magnet and radio waves to create pictures of the interior of your breast.
✔️ Biopsy -There are 2 procedures included -
1. Needle biopsy - In this biopsy a needle is used to draw sample fluid and tissue from lungs
2. Lumpectomy - In this the whole lump is removed and test for malignancy.
✔️ Mammography -
In this procedure, woman gets a X-ray of her breast and if the age > 40 then a mandatory annual screening is needed.


Fitnastic believes in throwing light on all health issues. So, just stay tuned for upcoming videos where doctor will be answering other frequently asked questions as well.

Video editing- @lakshyapurohit




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