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Jul 2, 2021



The recent survey shows that 73% of Indians are protein deficient with poor muscle health while above 90 percent are unaware of the daily requirement of protein.

One has to keep the protein intake as per body weight. An average individual of 60 kg needs around 60g of protein per day. This is a significant amount to be substituted by regular meals. Regular protein sources like an egg can also add up to around just 6g protein at the max. To maintain the adequate daily protein requirement healthily is quite a challenge.

So, here we present to you AKTUAL Protein Bars (@aktual_official). This protein bar ensures that you receive a big chunk of your daily requirement in a tasty way! Aktual Protein Bars provide 12gms & 20gms of protein with their healthy ingredient choice for their health enthusiastic clients.

Fitnastic is thrilled to announce its partnership with AKTUAL to introduce livable solutions to inspire healthy habits. The common groundwork that brought us together was the fact that 'prioritizing our client's health above all at an affordable price is what both the organizations relate to.'

AKTUAL brings to you tempting flavors to add that extra push to your workout and a healthy substitute for your taste buds.
👉 Chocolate Fudge
👉 Caramel Crunch
👉 Chocolate Brownie
👉 Trail Mix

Fitnastic brings to you an exciting offer where you can get AKTUAL Protein Bars at 30% off using our code "FIT30" 🌻

What gives AKTUAL Protein Bars an edge over other options?
✅Naturally sweetened (no refined sugar)
✅Free of preservatives
✅Free of glucose or corn syrup
✅Minimum ingredients

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